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Adani Jobs Australia

Adani Australia will be recruiting for Jobs including coal exploration, coal mining, rail construction and operations, construction of infrastructure and port expansion and operations as part of the Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project.

Local politicians have been promoting there will be thousands of jobs in these areas.


I want a job with Adani


How many Adani jobs will be on offer?

Coal Miners Australia

There will be 1,464 Adani jobs in total, including construction and flow-on jobs, according to Adani’s economic consultant, Jerome Fahrer of ACIL Allen Consulting.

Our mine will be extremely high tech, with automation “from pit to port”. The jobs will mostly be FIFO work, requiring experienced workers, with up to 1,000 workers transiting through Rockhampton Airport every week.

Increased use of automation at mining sites such as Adani’s Carmichael coal mine will push jobs away from the coal face and into larger cities, says Central Queensland University resource economist Professor John Rolfe.

Meanwhile, CFMEU Queensland mining division president Steve Smyth says the use of automated trucks in the Adani mine will result in cost cutting at the expense of hundreds of workers who’ll miss out.

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Adani and the politicians say 10,000 new jobs

MALCOLM TURNBULL: The [Adani coal mine] project, if it is built, will create tens of thousands of jobs. It will generate over the course of its life an enormous amount in taxes and in royalties: revenues for federal and state governments.

ANDREW PROBYN: How many jobs was that again?

MALCOLM TURNBULL: Tens of thousands of jobs.

ROD CAMPBELL, THE AUSTRALIA INSTITUTE: The 10,000 job estimate comes from a modelling exercise that Adani itself disowned in court. They knew it wouldn’t stack up in court, so they brought in another economist to do a different kind of modelling, and his estimate was a little under 1,500.

Adani have stated their intention to automate the entire project “from pit to port.” That’s their words. They’re intending to use remote-controlled or robot-controlled trucks, trains and loaders. Their stated intention is to reduce the amount of employment involved in this project.

Watch the 7.30 story in full, here

Will Adani look after me?

Accidents do happen. At Adani’s Mundra power plant, 21 workers were burnt when a hot-water pipe burst last year. Several later died from their injuries. Accidents and deaths have been reported at other Adani plants.

A Fairfax Media investigation in 2014 reported that during the construction of a luxury housing project in Gujarat, Adani used child labour and underpaid workers. Some labourers were not paid at all, while others developed cholera due to the unsanitary conditions of the housing in which they were forced to live.

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Will my Adani Job be long term?

Coal Mining

The attraction of mining projects is the many jobs they’re said to create. But these numbers mostly relate only to the construction phase.

“We will be utilizing at least 45, 400-tonne driverless trucks. All the vehicles will be capable of automation. When we ramp up the mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port. In our eyes, this is the mine of the future,” says Adani Australia CEO, Jeyakumar Janakaraj.

“The one thing new mines don’t do is create many jobs, barring the first few years.

“What they do is create short booms and long busts for nearby towns. They’re the bringer of all the joys of going cold turkey”, says economist Ross Gittins.

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Will my Adani job be secure during my contract?

IEEFA (Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis) Director of Energy Finance Studies Tim Buckley says the mine could become a stranded asset as the economics of renewable energy start to stack up. Even Adani is planning to put $US10 million into renewable projects. India as a nation is adopting renewables, which are already cheaper than coal-fired electricity in that nation.

Long term job security at Adani looks unlikely. Furthermore, the company’s corporate structure, based in the Cayman Islands tax haven, would make pursuit of liabilities from either workers or the government unlikely to succeed.

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Coal Mining

Are Adani jobs safe?

Coal Miners

Despite improvements in mine safety and dust monitoring the 1970s, the coal miners’ disease black lung has re-emerged in Australia. Since November 2015 another 18 miners have been confirmed as suffering from black lung.

Black lung is a disease caused by long-term exposure to coal dust. Fine particles of coal get lodged in the lung and once ingested cannot be dislodged. Besides black lung, coal mining has a history of industrial accidents, and Adani has a poor safety record for workers in its Indian mining and construction projects.

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10,000 jobs, Really?

“Adani Group employs over 10,000 people globally across resources, logistics, energy and agricultural businesses”

This is quoted form Adani’s Facebook page. How can one project employ as many people as the whole trans-national, multi-industry corporation?

Under oath in Court, Adani’s economic consultant, Jerome Fahrer of ACIL Allen Consulting said “There will be 1,464 Adani jobs in total, including construction and flow-on jobs

Adani Jobs Australia

Adani Jobs Australia

I want more jobs for QLD


Where will future QLD jobs come from?

Mining jobs in Queensland are predicted to fall by 4.4% by 2020.

A study by The Australia Institute’s economists says growth in regional Queensland jobs will be driven by services industries, in particular health, education, professional services and tourism related services.

Job losses in coal fired electricity generation can be more than compensated for by increased employment in the renewable energy sector. According to the Climate Council, if a target of 50% energy from renewables by 2030 was adopted, it would generate 28,000 jobs across Australia around 6,000 of them in Queensland.

Climate Council: Renewables Report

The Australia Institute: The mining construction boom and regional jobs in Queensland


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